Die linguistic engine EXTRAKT ist in dem Suchportal LexxiNet (früher ExtraktSearch) integriert und sorgt für optimale Suchergebnisse.

LexxiNet (deutsch)

EXTRAKT - Projects

The linguistic engine EXTRAKT is based on results of several EU funded projects with international partners. All of them addressed the problem of a multilingual search.


EMIR (ESPRIT - Program), 1990-1994

European Multilingual Information Retrieval.


CANAL/LS (LIBRARIES - Program), 1996-1998

Catalog with Natural Language Access / Linguitistic Server.


VILIB (LIBRARIES - Program), 1998-1999

Virtual Library.


EWRB (Info 2000 - Program), 1999-2000

European Water Regulation Bank.


CULTOS (IST Program), 2001-2002.


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