Die linguistic engine EXTRAKT ist in dem Suchportal LexxiNet (früher ExtraktSearch) integriert und sorgt für optimale Suchergebnisse.

LexxiNet (deutsch)

DetectLanguage & DOM-Splitter

DETECTLANGUAGE identifies the language of a given (piece of) text.

This task is carried out by a high speed ANALYSIS of the text. The result of this classification process is the name of the language. EXTRAKT can identify all supported languages (including Latin) or 'unknown'.

Normally, DetectLanguage is a preprocessor for the other EXTRAKT functions (INDEX, ANALYZE), if multi-language documents - such as library catalog data - are to be processed.

DOM-SPLITTER uses the DetectLanguage function for the splitting and identification of domain names. It consists of 2 different EXTRAKT installations. The first one splits the domain names into relevant parts. These parts are classified by a second EXTRAKT server.


DOM-SPLITTER can split and classify approx. 10 domain names per second.



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