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LexxiNet (deutsch)

Results of the phonetic search with TRAPHO

If you hear in the radio or in the TV the names of the players, you know how to write down their names only if you are a fan.

To illustrate the the TRAPHO solution we collected the most complicated names of the German Soccer League (Saison 2003-2004).


Then we have produced a list of words which could be possible spellings of these names and testet the TRAPHO system. The name in the first row is compared via TRAPHO with the correct spelling (second row). We used the strict and the non-strict version. The language specific rules are applied in sequence so that more and other hits could be found. Results marked with '*' are found with the strict version. Some names couldn't be found, they are marked by '#'. The testers didn't know the correct spellings, because nobody of them is a soccer fan!



Real Name

* = Found

# = Not found

DEU PHASE 2 = Found by phase 2

FRA = Found with French variant

ENG = Found with English variant

Heudorowitsch Hujdurovic *
Kiknatse Kiknadze *
Kobilanski Kobylanski *
Kortsinitz Korzynietz *
Krüger Kryger *
Lapatschinski Lapaczinski *
Latundi Latoundji *
Lisarasu Lizarazu FRA ENG
Luzio Lucio *
Maduni Madouni *
Madawikia Mahdavikia *
Meier Meijer *
Mikoleitschak Mikolajczak *
Mpensa Mpenza FRA ENG
Növille Neuville DEU PHASE 2
Öjegwe Ojigwe *
Olisee Oliseh *
Peritsch Peric *
Plazente Placente *
Rakaneel Racanel *
Ramdän Ramdane *
Rateitschak Ratajczak *
Ratinjo Ratinho DEU PHASE 2
Reggekampf Reghecampf *
Reitmeier Reitmaier *
Rositzki Rosicky #
Rosgoni Rozgonyi FRA ENG
Redlewitz Rydlewicz #
Salihamitschitsch Salihamidzic #
Sebeszen Sebescen *
Simunitsch Simunic #
Stewitsch Stevic #
Tapalowitsch Tapalovic *
Tskitischwili Tskitishvili *
Teis Tyce FRA ENG
Tswetanof Tzvetanov *
Ufalusi Ujfalusi DEU PHASE 2
Wata Vata *
Winze Vincze *
Wotawa Votava *
Franjes Vranjes *
Wawritschek Wawrzyczek #
Wirtschowski Wierzchowski #
Witetschek Witeczek *
Wötzichoski Wojciechowski *
Jilmas Yilmaz FRA ENG
Samdaratze Zamtaradze *
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