Die linguistic engine EXTRAKT ist in dem Suchportal LexxiNet (früher ExtraktSearch) integriert und sorgt für optimale Suchergebnisse.

LexxiNet (deutsch)


Here we present several applications based on EXTRAKT within the following domains:


Library systems:

Dabis, Geotronic, Lib-It, OCLC, Lexilib


         EXTRAKT forms the mono- and multilingual search component of the above mentionned


         and Lexxilib is used as a search portal for library searches.


Search systems for internet and intranet:


LexxiNet is a meta search system for English, German, French, Italian and Spanish searches.


Indexing, shop systems and classifications:

Filero, HitEngine, Pertimm, SixCMS


Search systems with fuzzy search:

Dom-Splitter - splits domain names into its components


EXTRAKT as a tool box:


EXTRAKT is very useful for the controlling typing errors within big data volumes or at the detection of specific word variants.


The semantic features are used during the handling and forwarding of error messages in call centers.


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